Plant machinery

Modern factory

We only work with machines from reputable brands. This is our guarantee of quality to you. Our injection moulding machines are made mainly by Engel and Arburg. They start at 25 tonnes and extend to 1,000 tons, with a minimum piece weight of 10 to 5,000 grams, depending on the raw material.


CNC controlled precision

Most of our injection moulding machines are equipped with integrated CNC robots. These robots ensure that the products can be deposited on a conveyor belt without damage or deformation, or can be manipulated for additional processing.


Possible treatments:

•    Product foreseen with a label

•    Placing cardboard label in the product

•    Positioning the product for a drill that makes an additional hole in the part

•    Separation of products from multiple moulds immediately (e.g. left and right parts)


Eye for innovation

We are continuously investing in new machines. And in rigorous maintenance. Up-to-date equipment allows us to guarantee our customers a reliable production apparatus.