Mould construction

Experienced mould builders

Certainty in production thanks to high-quality moulds. A number of employees on the Imtec team have many years of experience in the design and drawing of injection moulds. Thanks to our mould concept – invented by NSE Belgium – and the production possibilities in China, you are assured of competitive pricing and high-performance production. 

•  Experience

•  Customisation

•  Transparency

•  Competitive pricing

•  Fast repairs



We make a customised mould individually and according to the specifications of your product, the material and the planned production numbers. All European steel qualities and hot runner systems are at your disposal. Thus your mould fits seamlessly with your wishes. 


Weekly update

Closely follow the development of your mould. You receive a planning update each week, indicating the progress of production. Our engineers from Imtec China supervise the test injections and first production runs, and ensure smooth production without downtime.


Fast repairs

No wasted time. Supplied electrodes, mould drawings and a parts list allow any problems to be quickly solved. Wear-sensitive parts are quickly and easily reordered using the parts list. All repairs and maintenance are handled in our in-house workshop.